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Dr. Alexandra Hillebrand-Voiculescu (

PhD in Biological Sciences since 2004, I switched from protein biochemistry to microbiology in 2005 when I got hired at the Emil Racoviţă Institute of Speleology of the Romanian Academy. This position allows me to satisfy both my scientific interests (underground/underwater ecosystems) and my passion for nature.

Dr. Constantin Marin (

With a background in analytical chemistry, field in which I developed very good experimental skills, my main scientific interest is to investigate the elements speciation in natural aqueous systems and the corresponding impact on the dynamics of geochemical processes. This was also the topic of my PhD thesis and of a textbook I issued in the year 2000, that book being the first, and up to date the only one in Romania to address such issues.

Drd. Cătălina Haidău (

After years of Environmental Studies and practice, I finally got the chance to work and learn about the beautiful field of microbiology, as a PhD biology student.

Floarea Răducă

I am a trained chemistry lab technician, with vast expertise in both collecting samples from the field sites and processing them in order to be analysed for chemical composition.

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